G3 series 5-10t internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck

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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

Overall appearance and performance improvement

Brand-new family design, integrating the characteristics of Heli’s new family PI;

Optimized carrying capacity design, the whole machine has higher high stability performance;

The front 3 / rear 3 gearboxes increase the driving speed of the whole machine, provide better acceleration performance and greater climbing ability;

Optimize the matching of hydraulic system, the lifting speed of the whole machine is increased by 5%, and the descending speed is increased by 30%;

Optimize the overall size of the whole machine, the whole machine has better maneuverability.

Improved environmental protection and energy saving 

The truck adopts an imported brand high-pressure common rail engine that meets the latest global emission requirements, and is used through an exhaust after-treatment unit, which greatly reduces the emission pollutants;

Standard configuration hydraulic variable plunger hydraulic pump, load-sensitive steering system, energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced by 10%;

The whole truck LED lighting system has low energy consumption, high brightness and long life.

Intelligent upgrade of the whole machine

Equipped with ZF fully automatic gear shifting gearbox, gear shifting is accurate and stable, without shock at start, through clutch calibration and electronic micro-motion, to ensure efficient operation of the gearbox;

Full LCD instrument, human-computer interaction, the operator can monitor the status of the truck in real time; the instrument has expanded functions such as identification, maintenance reminder, operation display, and truck speed limit;

The truck electronic architecture based on CAN bus communication reduces the electrical wiring harness and control unit pins, improves the real-time and efficient communication of various parts, and greatly reduces the communication failure rate.

Improved machine safety

Intelligent protection of gearbox and engine to ensure the safety of  truck operation;

The operator's perception system (after the driver accidentally leaves the seat, the whole  truck's walking and lifting actions are terminated) to prevent potential safety hazards of misoperation.

When the parking brake is working, stop the running function of the  truck to improve the safety of running operation;

Neutral start function and anti-restart control based on ECU control;

Fingertip operating system non-neutral anti-restart protection, short circuit or open circuit limit operation protection;

The large-capacity air filter with safety filter element and pressure alarm function ensures the long-term safe operation of the engine.

Stamping roof-type roof guard to improve operation safety;

Optimize the power mount, increase the impact limit, and protect the powertrain from accidental impact;

Improved machine reliability

New positive design, optimized and improved structural strength to ensure long-term operation;

Wet brake with forced oil cooling radiator to ensure the stability and reliability of braking performance under extreme conditions;

Harsh intensified testing of key parts of the truck to ensure the long-term reliability of core parts;

High-performance cooling system, the heat dissipation capacity of the whole machine is increased by 20%, ensuring the long-term reliable operation of the whole truck;

The hydraulic system is sealed with a 24° cone surface, and the waterproof level of electrical components is increased to IP66;

Higher standards of in-house intensive testing and high-intensity industrial verification ensure the long-term use of the entire truck.

Improved overall comfort

Imported brand electro-hydraulic proportional valve, CAN bus communication controller, integrated fingertip control system, to achieve excellent, precise and comfortable operation;

All-round man-machine system provides a comfortable and relaxing driving experience;

Smart safety buffer system with standard coordination force, no fear of bumps, whatever you want;

Equipped with hydraulic electronic parking brake, the parking brake can be realized by lightly touching after the truck is stopped. The parking brake switch has the function of preventing misoperation and protecting driving safety at all times;

The lifting cylinder comes standard with upper buffer on the front cylinder and lower buffer on the rear cylinder.

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Operator type


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Load center distance



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With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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