G3 series 3-3.5t diesel/LPG counterbalanced forklift

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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
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Brand new upgrade, "Ding" contribution, the overall image of the whole truck is fully upgraded, adopting Heli's new family-based PI feature, appearance and connotation coexist, the Chinese "Ding" shape shows the company's profound heritage, and the Heli efforts are made to contribute to the society with high-quality goods; innovative color matching exploration, stylish atmosphere, unique.


The position and size of the human-computer interaction operating parts are optimized according to the human body structure and operating habits, and the operation is more comfortable ;

The open floor space of the bell mouth is arranged, and the foot and leg space are larger;

Equipped with electronic parking brake system, the operation is more convenient;

A more reasonable boarding height, plus an extra-long boarding handle, make getting on and off the truck more convenient and free;

Thumb switch control system, all operations can be completed with one hand, bringing a more comfortable and efficient operation experience; (optional);

Synchronous steering control system realizes visible control of tire rotation angle, making steering control more comfortable; (optional);

Equipped with full suspension seat, driving experience is more comfortable;

The closed truck body structure, combined with high-performance sound-proof and sound-absorbing materials, effectively blocks the transmission of noise in the engine room and reduces noise;

Suspended transmission system effectively isolates the transmission of vibration, and the truck vibration is lower;

The optimized layout of the channel steel and pipelines of the mast provides a wider front view.

High efficiency: higher work efficiency,

Optimized matching design for loss reduction of hydraulic system, faster lifting and lowering speed;

Efficient transmission system is matched with powerful engine, which brings faster driving speed and stronger traction performance;

The high-strength structure and more stable truck body layout enable the machine to have a better high load carrying capacity.

Safe and reliable:

Equipped with OPS control system that meets the latest European standards, which can regulate the behavior of the driver and protect the safety of the driver;

Efficient and reliable parking brake system makes parking safer and more reliable;

The integral welded cockpit enhances the strength of the cockpit and better protects the safety of the driver;

Equipped with a speed control system, it can meet the speed requirements of different customers in different industries. (Optional, customized according to customer needs)

The ignition control system has the function of preventing the truck from starting with gears and preventing the engine from re-ignition;

Equipped with LED lamps with a longer life, longer maintenance period and higher reliability;

The color LCD smart instrument fully monitors the status of the whole machine, can realize swipe card, password start, maintenance information reminder, and cooperate with Heli's professional fleet management system to make truck management more efficient and flexible.

The main parameter





Drive type


Operator type


Load capacity




Load center distance




Standard mast lifting height




Overall Length(without fork)




Overall width



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With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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