G3 Series 6-7t Lithium Battery Forklift

Combine The Humanization Design Advantages Of Both IC Forklift & Electric Forklift
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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

HELI newly launched G3 series electric forklift, which is compatible with both lead-acid and lithium batteries, uses the same tonnage IC forklift frame structure as platform to take advantages of the dual IC and electric models to create the new electric forklift concept.

The main parameter
Item   Four Wheel Li-ion Forklift 80V (6.0-7.0 ton Capacity)
Series   G3 G3
Model designation   CPD60 CPD70
Configuration number   GB2DLi GB2DLi
Load capacity 额定载重 负载能力 kg 6000 7000
Load center mm 600 600
Max. lifting height 举升高度 mm 3000 3000
Overhead guard height mm 2500 2491
Length to fork face mm 60×150×1220 60×150×1220
Overall width mm 2045 2045
Turning radius (In standaed battery compartment) mm 3050 3050
Wheels, chassis    
Tire (front)   8.25-15 8.25-15
Tire (rear)   250-15 250-15
Tire type   Solid tyre Solid tyre
Total approximate weight (W/O battery) kg 9720/9170 10330/9780
Dealer Network
With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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